Common Questions and Misconceptions – CPAP

Why won’t my new hose fit my mask?

CPAP Sudbury North Bay Fisher & Paykel Eson2 In Use

All tubing which connects the CPAP, APAP or BiLevel unit to the mask are universal.

If you’ve recently purchased a new hose and it won’t fit your mask, check inside the hose for a hard plastic connector piece which can be stuck inside. This piece is called the swivel and is a part of your mask which came off when you last disconnected it from the hose. The swivel needs to be reconnected to your mask for the perfect fit.

Having a hard time getting the swivel out? Try running the end of the hose under warm water, or use some dish soap to help the swivel slide out a little easier.


I only need to replace a part of my mask, do I have to buy a whole new mask?

CPAP Sudbury North Bay Espanola Mask Parts

The suggested replacement timeline for masks is 6 months to a year. Since it is being used every night for 6 or more hours, it will see some wear and tear after some time. If your mask is being cleaned daily and properly cared for, it should last a while.

Many parts are available separately if only a part of your mask needs replacing. If you would like us to check if the part you need is in stock or available to order, give our office a call or stop in. We’d be happy to look into it for you.


How many masks or accessories am I allowed to purchase?

There may be a limit or timeline for mask or accessory purchases if you are being covered by a social assistance benefit program (ODSP, Ontario Works, etc), in which case we organize for coverage directly with your case worker, or if you wish to submit your purchase to your insurance company for reimbursement.

If you are submitting to insurance, it’s best to call your insurance provider prior to purchasing to verify CPAP mask and accessories eligibility as coverage is dependent on your plan. Be sure to check any previous purchases and the next eligible date.

Although we can help in giving you all required documentation to submit a claim, we cannot submit claims directly to insurance companies, and so it is your responsibility to ensure coverage.

Of course, if you wish to purchase items outright without submitting to any of the above mentioned benefits, there is no limit to the number or frequency of supplies you can buy.