left-arrow What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome or OSAS?

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome, or OSAS, is a common occurrence, mostly in adults, during sleep. Obstructions are caused by the collapse of muscles in the throat, causing the airway to close. Depending on the severity of your OSA, it can cause:

• Headaches,
• Snoring,
• Excessive daytime sleepiness,
• High blood pressure,
• Hypoxemia (lack of oxygen to the brain)


left-arrow What is CPAP?

CPAP, or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, is non-invasive sleep therapy used to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome by way of pressurized room air.

Room air passes through the filter of the CPAP unit and based on the prescribed pressure, measured in cmH2O, is then pushed through a nasal or full face mask into the throat to keep the airway from collapsing, thus preventing anymore obstructions.

left-arrow How do I know if I have Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome?

If you feel you have any symptoms of:

• feeling excessively tired all the time,
• snoring,
• feeling a choking sensation while sleeping,
• frequent headaches.

Consider seeing your physician or nurse practitioner and ask to be referred to a sleep lab for a full sleep study or to be referred to Complete Healthcare Solutions for an at-home pre-screening.

left-arrow Can I choose what sleep lab I want to go to?
Absolutely. Just as it is your choice what home care company you would like to deal with for your CPAP needs, you have the choice of sleep lab as well. Simply discuss this with your physician or nurse practitioner and they will send a referral form to your requested sleep lab.
left-arrow What happens after the sleep study?

The sleep study results will be sent to the sleep lab’s Sleep Specialist who will review the results and decide whether CPAP will be required.

You will receive a call for a follow up visit with the Sleep Specialist to discuss your results and you will either be given a prescription during the appointment which you will bring to the home care company of your choice, or will be asked which home care company you would like to deal with and the prescription will be faxed to the vendor’s office.

At Complete Healthcare Solutions, we strive to begin your sleep therapy same day or as soon as possible. The sooner therapy is begun, the sooner you can Live Life Well.

left-arrowI don’t want to go directly to a sleep lab, what other option do I have?

Complete Healthcare Solutions is the only home care company servicing Sudbury, Espanola, North Bay, Elliot Lake and Manitoulin Island to offer a Sleep Apnea pre-screen; a one night, take-home test to determine if a sleep study would be beneficial to you.

With a physician or nurse practitioner’s signed referral to our office, we can lend you one of our pager-sized RUS pre-screening devices. Using small nasal prongs provided, the RUS will record your breathing habits and will better help determine your need for a sleep study.

As OSAS cannot be diagnosed through a pre-screen alone, your healthcare provider will receive the pre-screen results and schedule a follow up appointment with you to discuss their findings.

left-arrow I’m on CPAP now, but my equipment is not working well, what do I do?

Try reading either the CPAP unit’s Owner’s Manual, as they usually have some basic troubleshooting techniques, or the information folder given to you at your initial set up.

If none of these help, call Complete Healthcare Solutions.

Our knowledgeable team will assist you in some over-the-phone troubleshooting and ensure the equipment is working properly before the end of the call.

If the troubleshooting doesn’t work, we are more than happy to accommodate you with an appointment to see one of our clinicians during regular business hours.

left-arrowHow is my CPAP sleep therapy paid for?

The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has in place a program for CPAP funding; this is called the Assistive Devices Program (ADP) and is billed directly through us.

The ADP will cover 75% of all standard CPAP, Auto and BiPAP units. This means the other 25% and any other incurred costs will be your responsibility.

If you have Social Assistance (Ontario Disability-ODSP, Ontario Works, Community Care Access Center-CCAC, or live in a Long-Term Care Home), you will be approved for 100% funding through the ADP.


left-arrow Will my insurance company pay for my portion?

Some insurance plans do cover CPAP supplies. You simply need to bring in your insurance information during your set up visit and as a courtesy we will help you determine what your plan covers.