Get Diagnosed

If you feel you may be suffering from sleep apnea? Don’t panic…follow these simple steps to perform a free, at-home sleep apnea pre-screen:

    1. Call our office-We can give you more information in regards to what sleep apnea is and how it is treated. We will happily begin the process to getting you the at-home pre-screening test done.
    2. Get a referral form-You can either:
      1. go to your physician’s office and request our referral be sent to us for a sleep apnea pre-screening, or
      2. we can prefill a referral form and fax it to your physician’s office for their signature for you, or
      3. you can take the prefilled referral form with you to your doctor’s office to discuss in more detail your concerns and wish to perform the at-home sleep apnea pre-screening test.


Once we receive the signed referral, we will call you.

  1. Pick up the device-You can come by the office during business hours to pick up the pre-screen device. Any staff member will explain clearly how to have a successful pre-screen experience.
  2. Return the device-Once the at-home test is complete, simply return the device to our office. We will verify if enough data was recorded, then send the results to your physician same day.
  3. Wait for your doctor to call you-Once the results have been received and reviewed by your physician, their office may contact you for a follow up visit to discuss the results and potential next steps.


*Please note this is NOT a sleep study, but rather a gateway to determine the need to be referred to a sleep lab for a full sleep diagnostic study.