SoClean Sanitizing Machine


SoClean Automated CPAP Equipment Cleaner is the fastest and most convenient way to sanitize your CPAP equipment, no disassembly or chemicals required!


SoClean uses ozone to disinfect; no harsh chemicals and your equipment stays dry.


Simply place your mask in the unit with your hose connected to both mask and CPAP machine, close the lid and let the SoClean do the work. By the end of the timed cycle, your reservoir, hose and mask will be free of bacteria, germs and other harmful pathogens.


Compatible with CPAP, APAP, BiLevel and VPAP units and all mask types. Adapter for heated hose may be required.


*SoClean will not remove facial oils or other debris. Regular washing of mask, hose and water chamber with mild soap and water is still necessary to ensure the best clean.


Contact us to have one set aside for you or for more information.